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In today’s world, it is very important for an organisation to have someone for facility maintenance. Facilities include maintenance of their goods and products. We offer these facilities maintenance services that include CCTV surveillance AMC. It is a kind of after sale service, that includes maintenance of your CCTV surveillance system. In CCTV AMC, we take for your complete CCTV surveillance system that includes CCTV camera and its related parts. We maintain them, we repair them.

Now-a-days, CCTV surveillance has been an important facility for one whether you are at your work place or at home. In an organisation you may have someone to facilitate you with CCTV surveillance system’s maintenance. You may have opted for CCTV surveillance system for several reasons, but what if suddenly the complete surveillance system crashes. We offer CCTV AMC services makes sure that your need is being served and you are not facing such issues even when your product’s warranty period has been expired. Here are the people who have technology with them to take care of your surveillance system. We have introduced a concept of annual maintenance contract for your CCTV surveillance system where we will be taking care of your system for a year.

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